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Dramatic Guides*

Discovering a New Kind of Theater

Let’s all become dramaturgs! First things first, in order to understand the current state of the western Postmodern Naturalistic drama-which is still the most popular form of theater in 2019- we have to go back in time. These lessons are meant as a jumping off place for writers, students, and dramaturgs, not to reproduce what has already been, but hopefully to create something that hasn’t been yet. These aren’t lessons, they’re guides, and all the info is meant to be rejected, or re-molded, or altered completely with the sole purpose of creating a new theater.

I break the guides down by the following categories:

Dramatic Terms

Aristotle and his Elements





New Theater

The purpose of these lessons is to not only learn the history of how plays have been written, but really it is in an attempt to create a new style, a new way to write texts.

As a playwright, my focus has shifted from wanting to participate in a long-honored tradition of theater, to radical forms of theater, to finally, a new form. But what is this new form? I don’t know. I hope to begin to uncover it as we go through these playwriting and script analysis lessons, and look for ways to reinvent the wheel.

Still Time...

A Family Project

carotid artistry

the double functions of the external and the internal

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